Protecting the Environment

Protecting The Environment

What's In A Diesel Depot?

by Bobbie Sanders

If you were going to set up a retail location dedicated to diesel engines and diesel vehicles, what would you put in your diesel depot? Are you only going to sell diesel vehicles? That does not seem like much of a store; it seems more like a dealership. Instead, consider putting all of the following into your business to make it appealing to everyone that drives a diesel vehicle.

New Diesel Parts

Diesel engines work hard. That is the point to having a diesel engine. However, that also means that diesel engines wear out a little faster than standard gasoline engines. Make sure your store has plenty of new replacement parts for diesel engines.

Rebuilt and Hard-to-Find Diesel Parts

Set your diesel store apart from the others by finding, salvaging, rebuilding, and selling hard-to-find or rare diesel parts. There are still some diesel engines on the road that are vintage or antique, and these drivers find it tough to get the replacement parts they need.

Diesel Accessories

There are lots of different diesel accessories, including exhaust scrubbers and engine cleaners. Engine care kits are especially popular. Drivers who want to make their diesel vehicles cleaner for the environment and/or make the vehicles more fuel-efficient are looking for these accessories. Make sure you have them in stock.

Diesel Fluids

Diesel engines and exhaust systems require a lot of special care, right on down to special fluids. Truckers everywhere are often frustrated by the fact that when they need a particular fluid for their diesel engines, they cannot find it at the gas stations. They have to make special stops, and nothing is a guarantee. Make your store the guaranteed spot for them to find the fluids they need.

Diesel Vehicles

Finally, put some diesel vehicles on your store's parking lot. There is no reason you cannot sell a few trucks and cars that have diesel engines. Just make sure you check your state and local rules about selling these vehicles. Quite often, selling more than a couple of vehicles constitutes a dealership, and then you would need a dealership's license and follow dealership sales rules. 

If you sell new vehicles mixed with old, all of them should pass a road safety inspection. If you live in an area governed by smog inspections, all vehicles have to be cleared by the Department of Transportation or Department of Motor Vehicles. Then promote your business as a "store for all things diesel." Contact a company, like United Oil, for more help.


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Protecting The Environment

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